One Year Anniversary

filmscans089Monday was our one year anniversary, which I can hardly believe. It feels like such a cliché to say that it seems like our wedding was just yesterday, but that really is the truth. The past 365 days have absolutely flown by, and I feel so grateful to have shared in them with my perfect partner.

filmscans024 IMG_9047I remember every detail of the day so vividly. I remember going for a run with my brother in the morning and enjoying breakfast tacos, coffee, and green juice with family and friends at Jo’s, all of whom had traveled to Austin for our special day (I thought that was a fun fact – not one person on our guest list lives in Austin, so it was a true destination wedding for everyone involved, bride & groom included!). I remember feeling pampered as I had my hair and make-up done while my bridesmaids and family got ready in our amazing suite at the Hotel San José. I remember rocking out to a playlist I had made specifically for our wedding day, and I remember feeling overwhelmed with love for my best girls, my parents, and my brother as we drank mimosas together and noshed on snacks. I remember excitedly piling into the limo to head to Le San Michele and dancing the whole way there (everyone got particularly stoked about singing along to “Timber”).

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rachelandjames 0544I remember bursting into tears as we pulled up to the venue because it was all really happening. I remember seeing the floral arrangements for the first time and being astonished by the weight and beauty of my bridal bouquet. I remember putting on my dress and feeling like I was floating on air. I remember waiting anxiously for the ceremony to start, sipping champagne with my bridesmaids while peering out the windows as the guests arrived and took their seats.

filmscans029rachelandjames 0352 rachelandjames 0357 rachelandjames 0378rachelandjames 0428I remember the sound of the string quartet as they played “Make You Feel My Love” while Dad walked me down the aisle. I remember seeing the first glimpse of my groom’s sweet face as he started to cry, watching his bride walk toward him. I remember every detail about the ceremony, about our brother-in-law’s incredibly thoughtful presentation as he officially deemed us husband and wife. I remember Callie sitting at our feet, posing like the perfect flower dog she was.

rachelandjames 0348 rachelandjames 0411 rachelandjames 0510 rachelandjames 0475I remember taking photos all around the property after the ceremony concluded, basking in the energy and glow of the evening. I remember having a few stolen moments with James, enjoying margaritas and appetizers and reflecting on the fact that we were married. I remember listening in rapt to the amazing toasts read by my dad, James’s dad, Karli, Erin, and Andrew. I remember inhaling more green chile macaroni and cheese than anything else, and I remember how delicious our chocolate wedding cake (appropriately named the James Brown cake) tasted, especially when paired with an ice-cold flute of champagne.

filmscans084 rachelandjames 0510 rachelandjames 0536 rachelandjames 0742I remember the dance party – oh, the dance party! – that ensued after dinner, concluding with my favorite people forming a circle around James and me as we got down to one of my all-time favorite jams, “Forever” (thanks to Karli requesting that the DJ play it as the final song of the night). I remember running to the getaway car with James and Callie, so overwhelmed with love and joy. I remember crying once again in the car, feeling so grateful to be embarking upon our new life together but just a little sad that our special day was over already. I remember it all, and I’m so thankful.

So, to my husband – thank you for being my person, my love and my life, today and always. Here’s to a million more years together!

Photos by the amazing Heather Hawkins


Our Wedding on Style Me Pretty

rj15I am so excited to share that our wedding is being featured on Style Me Pretty today! Style Me Pretty is a major blog that showcases weddings from all over the world, helping brides gather inspiration and find vendors while also highlighting amazing work done by photographers, videographers, and planners worldwide. So it’s such an honor to have our special day featured on this fabulous site! Plus, it’s super fun to revisit all of our beautiful images and relive all of the gloriousness from our wedding day.

rachelandjamesWED113As you know, we love Heather more than we can say, so we’re thrilled that her gorgeous images are splashed all over Style Me Pretty’s site today. She posted some extra pictures on her blog, too. And we love that Patrick’s video was posted there for the world to see! Hop on over to take a peek at the feature – we couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out!

rj6-copy11008rj8 rj171 110461105811047 rj251 rj27 rachelandjamesWED2201 rachelandjamesWED225 rachelandjamesWED226P.S. I got to share my thoughts about our wedding process – you can check them out on the Style Me Pretty post, and you can take a sneak peek at some of my sentiments here!

James & I knew that we wanted a wedding that reflected our love for each other, our families, and our friends. We wanted our day to showcase our passions for our faith, our community, our relationship, our style, and our loves for great food, delicious drinks, awesome music, and gorgeous florals. We knew that we wanted to host a celebration not only of ourselves and of our marriage but also of the people who supported us along the way, both individually and as a couple.

We decided that we wanted to get married and have our reception outdoors and options in Dallas, where we live, felt limited. We ventured to Austin on the recommendation of our close friend & super talented photographer, Heather Hawkins, who was booked to shoot a wedding at Le San Michele, a venue located in Buda. We fell in love with the way Le San Michele combined a sense of sprawling European-style gardens with Texas foliage, where beautiful plants like succulents and bluebonnets and cacti were growing freely around the property. We loved that the venue owners had outfitted the space with plenty of amazing lighting and beautiful decor, and we appreciated that we could bring in any vendors of our choosing to help us on our special day.

Through yet another connection, we were introduced to The Nouveau Romantics. We cannot say enough good things about working with Liz and Hannah – they made our dreams become a reality. They helped us craft the ceremony and reception that we wanted, and we loved that they are a one-stop shop, a place where we could work together on everything paper, floral, and event-related, creating a really streamlined effect for our wedding as a whole. From succulent-filled bouquets and margaritas during cocktail hour to farm-style tables and family-style food service, Liz and Hannah helped us make selections that felt innately us, choices that reflected our relationship and the party we wanted to host for the people we love most in the world.

Head on over to Style Me Pretty for more!

Images via Heather Hawkins

Six Months

Six Months

Today is our six month wedding anniversary! How did that happen?! I feel like our beautiful ceremony and reception were just yesterday. I wish I could teleport back to April 13th, reliving every single glorious moment of our sweet day. I was thinking about our vows, the words that we wrote for one another and said aloud in front of the people we love most, and I thought I would share them here with you today. We worked hard to craft these vows, cobbling them together from our thoughts and prayers and dreams as well as from inspiration found in the Bible, in books, and in beautiful wedding ceremonies. I absolutely love how they turned out – they perfectly encapsulate our spirit both as individuals and as a couple. I get all teary just typing them!

“On this day, I give you my heart, and with it, these promises:

I promise to love you for the rest of my life, following Christ in the journey He’s set out before us.

I promise to dream with you, to challenge you, to travel with you, and to grow with you.

I promise to serve you wholeheartedly, and walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring.

I will be yours in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph.

I promise to be your partner in parenthood, your ally in conflict, your comrade in adventure, your consolation in disappointment, your accountability in darkness, and your accomplice in mischief.

‘Where you go, I will go. And where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God my God.’

You are my person – my love and my life, today and always.”

Photo by Heather Hawkins

Week & End

Succulents Desktop

Three cheers for Friday! We are headed to the ranch this weekend and I’m looking forward to quiet time, lots of reading and plenty of naps in the hammock, delicious home cooking, and fresh air. Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there, especially mine! Now for some links around the web…

The image above is one of the newest free computer desktop backgrounds via designlovefest’s monthly Dress Your Tech posts. I love the cute little succulents, don’t you? You can download the image here.

This week we found out that our wedding is going to be featured on Style Me Pretty! We are so excited & honored to have Heather’s glorious images of our special day showcased on such a well-known and respected site. I’ll let you know when the post goes live – so fun!

I love enjoying a glass of fizzy, refreshing (and healthy!) kombucha (this brand is my favorite), especially on a hot summer day. Mixing it with Texas-based Tito’s Vodka is something I wish I would have thought of myself, as I love the idea of adding a little kick to my kombucha for a special treat. I definitely need to make this cocktail asap.

Our book club totally copied Joanna Goddard – we are going to read this book over the summer and see the film adaptation of the novel (starring Tina Fey, Rose Byrne, Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman & Adam Driver) when it comes out in September. I always love the thrill of starting a new book, and I’m especially excited about this one. Do you have any other good summer book recommendations?

Last week my parents, James & I booked a family trip to Los Angeles to visit Andrew, who recently moved back to the Best Coast to start a new job. We’re thinking of staying at this neat hotel, which is located close to Andrew’s apartment, and I can’t wait to try new restaurants, breathe in the ocean air, and spend time with my sweet family.

Wedding Photos

In honor of hitting the two month mark of wedded bliss tomorrow (eep!), here are some of my very favorite wedding photos. It was so hard to choose just a few (okay, more than a few) out of the hundreds of gorgeous images that Heather took, but these are certainly some pictures that are going to find their way into frames very soon…

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rachelandjames 0019rachelandjames 0072 rachelandjames 0029 rachelandjames 0042 rachelandjames 0048 rachelandjames 0078 rachelandjames 0109 rachelandjames 0079 rachjames 0006 filmscans005 filmscans006 filmscans007 rachelandjames 0105 rachelandjames 0103 rachelandjames 0150 rachelandjames 0184 rachelandjames 0213 rachelandjames 0216 filmscans033 filmscans026 rachelandjames 0203 rachelandjames 0231 filmscans025 rachelandjames 0254 rachelandjames 0275 rachelandjames 0297 rachelandjames 0268 rachelandjames 0285 rachelandjames 0356 rachelandjames 0357 rachelandjames 0404 rachelandjames 0428 rachelandjames 0430 rachelandjames 0453 rachelandjames 0475 rachelandjames 0486 rachelandjames 0493 rachelandjames 0497 rachelandjames 0489 rachelandjames 0484 rachelandjames 0507 rachelandjames 0515 rachelandjames 0512 filmscans077 filmscans083 filmscans087 rachelandjames 0536 rachelandjames 0535 rachelandjames 0541 rachelandjames 0538 rachelandjames 0547 rachelandjames 0550 rachelandjames 0548 filmscans093 filmscans094 rachelandjames 0571 rachelandjames 0576 rachelandjames 0742 rachelandjames 0801 rachelandjames 0805 rachelandjames 0806 rachelandjames 0807 rachelandjames 0858 rachelandjames 0785 rachelandjames 0793 rachelandjames 0794 rachelandjames 0947 rachelandjames 0955

Wedding Video

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how much we love the insanely perfect wedding video that our talented friend & videographer, Patrick Cone, shot and created for us. He captured our wedding day (and the events leading up to it, including our proposal) in a way only a genius/close friend can – it’s like Patrick read our minds and snagged footage of all of our favorite moments. Enjoy this beautiful piece – I promise that it will make you laugh & cry! Thank you, Patrick, for blessing us with this incredible keepsake!

Wedding Florals

rachelandjames 0216

One of the elements that I was most excited about planning for our wedding was the flowers. I was thrilled to get to work with the über talented Nouveau Romantics (who style all of the florals for one of my favorite bloggers, Camille Styles – check out their studio tour featured here), which is why I nearly fainted when they sent me the floral proposal for our wedding. They knew that I wanted to incorporate succulents, ranunculus, and trailing greenery into the overall scheme of things, so they took that inspiration and ran with it. They sent me the most elaborate, beautifully laid out document that highlighted all of the flowers they wanted to use on our special day, ranging from posies and garden roses to sweet peas and herbs. I was blown away by how much I loved their selections; it was like they had read my mind. The florals turned out so perfectly – I can’t even really begin to describe how much I loved the outcome. My favorite arrangements were my bridal bouquet, my flower crown, and Callie’s flower collar. In fact, on our honeymoon I told James that I wished I could still a) be wearing my wedding dress and b) be carrying my gorgeous bridal bouquet around with me. Le sigh.

Enjoy some photos of our wedding florals from the fabulous Heather Hawkins, as well as a peek at the floral design proposal that we used to make our selections!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.09.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.09.51 PM

rachelandjames 0310 rachelandjames 0178 rachelandjames 0659 rachelandjames 0401 rachelandjames 0225 rachelandjames 0326 rachelandjames 0177 rachelandjames 0176 filmscans047 filmscans071 rachelandjames 0513 rachelandjames 0574 rachelandjames 0240 rachelandjames 0661 filmscans029 rachelandjames 0219 filmscans075 rachelandjames 0168 rachelandjames 0572 rachelandjames 0624 rachelandjames 0171 rachelandjames 0220 filmscans045 rachelandjames 0221

Wedding Decor

Table Place Setting

It’s been just over three weeks since James and I got married at Le San Michele in Buda, Texas, and I know that we can both confidently say that we had the wedding of our dreams. I want to keep reliving that beautiful day so each week I’m going to share snippets of our wedding, featuring different aspects of our gorgeous celebrations as time progresses. To start, let’s talk about decor. Our wedding was the perfect mix of so many of our favorite elements – the outdoors in general, certainly, but specifically European gardens, ranch life, Texas foliage, and starry skies. Our planners, Liz and Hannah of The Nouveau Romantics, helped us make our visions become a reality. Something we loved about them is that they are a one-stop wedding shop – they do in-house floral arrangements and paper design/production in addition to event planning, ensuring that everything about our special day was unified and seamless.

I spent many hours creating a Pinterest board with Liz and Hannah, which served as a visual bulletin board to guide as we chose linens and farm tables and lighting set-ups and floral arrangements, and then, later, over the phone, that helped us navigate our options regarding the beverages to serve at cocktail hour and the number of waiters to have during our family-style dinner service. We picked out china and vases and napkins and flatware, selecting everything carefully and thoughtfully. And I loved every single minute of it. It turned out so beautifully that as my family, bridesmaids, and I pulled up to the wedding venue on April 13th, I started crying at the sight of the perfectly-planned spot where James and I would become man and wife. It was all so overwhelming and special!

Heather Hawkins, our incredibly talented friend and photographer, captured so many gorgeous images that highlight the decor decisions we made for our wedding. I have so many more pictures of hers to share, so future posts will come on florals and getting ready with girlfriends and, of course, the wedding itself, but for now, take a peek at how our wedding day decor turned out. I love these photos more than I can say!

P.S. Here’s a romantic sneak peek of James & me…more to come soon!

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