Wedding Florals

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One of the elements that I was most excited about planning for our wedding was the flowers. I was thrilled to get to work with the über talented Nouveau Romantics (who style all of the florals for one of my favorite bloggers, Camille Styles – check out their studio tour featured here), which is why I nearly fainted when they sent me the floral proposal for our wedding. They knew that I wanted to incorporate succulents, ranunculus, and trailing greenery into the overall scheme of things, so they took that inspiration and ran with it. They sent me the most elaborate, beautifully laid out document that highlighted all of the flowers they wanted to use on our special day, ranging from posies and garden roses to sweet peas and herbs. I was blown away by how much I loved their selections; it was like they had read my mind. The florals turned out so perfectly – I can’t even really begin to describe how much I loved the outcome. My favorite arrangements were my bridal bouquet, my flower crown, and Callie’s flower collar. In fact, on our honeymoon I told James that I wished I could still a) be wearing my wedding dress and b) be carrying my gorgeous bridal bouquet around with me. Le sigh.

Enjoy some photos of our wedding florals from the fabulous Heather Hawkins, as well as a peek at the floral design proposal that we used to make our selections!

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Plant Panache

Plant Panache

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was filled with lots of outdoorsy goodness, especially because we’ve outfitted our backyard with zero-gravity reclining chairs (heavenly for reading and sunbathing) and a spankin’ new grill. Coupled with our twinkle lights and Tiki torches, we now feel like we have a little oasis in our backyard, and we love it.

Last month I got to write another piece for Bungalow Magazine, the beautifully designed and curated online quarterly about home decor in Texas. I wrote my third and favorite piece to date about how to use house plants to decorate your space, and I got to interview the talented and creative Brianne Denton, co-owner of the Dallas-based floral studio Blue Lotus. Heather shot the gorgeous images for the story, making it an all-around blast of a collaboration.

Head over to Bungalow to check out the piece (on pages 105 – 113). Even though I pride myself on maintaining a green thumb when it comes to my beloved succulents, I learned so much about using different kinds of house plants (like pencil cacti and bromeliads) to really bring the outdoors in. Bri gave some fantastic recommendations about surprising and beautiful containers to use, and she shares some good tips for keeping your plants alive. I especially love this quote from her, as it totally encapsulates the vibe I’m trying to create in our home: “I’ve made little vignettes around my house using plants. Putting a living plant in every nook of the house is inspiring.”

Happy reading!

Image via Uncovet