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Table Place Setting

It’s been just over three weeks since James and I got married at Le San Michele in Buda, Texas, and I know that we can both confidently say that we had the wedding of our dreams. I want to keep reliving that beautiful day so each week I’m going to share snippets of our wedding, featuring different aspects of our gorgeous celebrations as time progresses. To start, let’s talk about decor. Our wedding was the perfect mix of so many of our favorite elements – the outdoors in general, certainly, but specifically European gardens, ranch life, Texas foliage, and starry skies. Our planners, Liz and Hannah of The Nouveau Romantics, helped us make our visions become a reality. Something we loved about them is that they are a one-stop wedding shop – they do in-house floral arrangements and paper design/production in addition to event planning, ensuring that everything about our special day was unified and seamless.

I spent many hours creating a Pinterest board with Liz and Hannah, which served as a visual bulletin board to guide as we chose linens and farm tables and lighting set-ups and floral arrangements, and then, later, over the phone, that helped us navigate our options regarding the beverages to serve at cocktail hour and the number of waiters to have during our family-style dinner service. We picked out china and vases and napkins and flatware, selecting everything carefully and thoughtfully. And I loved every single minute of it. It turned out so beautifully that as my family, bridesmaids, and I pulled up to the wedding venue on April 13th, I started crying at the sight of the perfectly-planned spot where James and I would become man and wife. It was all so overwhelming and special!

Heather Hawkins, our incredibly talented friend and photographer, captured so many gorgeous images that highlight the decor decisions we made for our wedding. I have so many more pictures of hers to share, so future posts will come on florals and getting ready with girlfriends and, of course, the wedding itself, but for now, take a peek at how our wedding day decor turned out. I love these photos more than I can say!

P.S. Here’s a romantic sneak peek of James & me…more to come soon!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Decor

  1. The photos are SO beautiful! What an amazing day – every detail was perfect. Can’t wait to see more photos! LOVE you!

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