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tumblr_n3n73wHzYe1s79rl8o1_1280Happy Friday from the best coast! A full recap of my time in California will come soon, but for now, enjoy some fun links! Have a great weekend.

I loved this wine & food pairings post. My favorite combination is one that James and I enjoy frequently – macaroni & cheese + Chardonnay!

I adore all things Clare Vivier, so I really enjoyed this tour of her Los Angeles studio. Isn’t it gorgeous? It also makes me want to add several more bags to my ever-growing collection, stat.

I’ve recently been learning more about Paul Quinn College, a school based in Dallas, and it was neat to see Michael Sorrell featured in this list of America’s ten most innovative college presidents. The school’s vision, as summed up in the piece, is so fascinating:

“[Sorrell] disbanded the football team, no easy task in Dallas, and literally turned the field into a farm. The team had been costing $600,000 a year, according to Yahoo Sports, and Sorrell said it would have cost $2 million to save. The farm is operated by students (who are paid for their work), and the resulting produce is sold to local grocers and restaurants, used at the college, or donated to local charities. Students aren’t just picking vegetables—they’re working on the business end, too, getting paid professional experience with a service twist. It’s all part of Sorrell’s vision for what he calls the “New Urban College Model”—a work school that emphasizes local businesses rather than manual labor (like at rural counterparts).”

This post totally affirmed my belief in never washing my jeans. Hurray!

This book keeps popping up everywhere and I’m totally drawn in by the premise: the author cooks her way through recipes featured in wonderful books (think everything from The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Gone Girl). It’s a combination of two of my favorite things – reading & cooking – and while I super love using my library card to check out books, this title might just be one that I have to purchase.

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Donate Your Denim

Donate Your Denim

I was in the market for some new black jeans so I headed over to Madewell’s website a few days ago to take a look around. Jeans can be a difficult item to shop for, so a few years ago when I realized that Madewell made the most perfect pairs I had worn in a long while, I pledged a vow of exclusivity right then and there (and I haven’t turned back since). For those of you who may be wondering, this is definitely not a sponsored post – I just love these jeans so much that I want to write about them on my own accord.

While snooping around the site, I discovered that Madewell is currently hosting a promotion where you can bring in old jeans that you no longer wear, donate them, and receive $20 off on a pair of new jeans from the store. Amazing, right? Madewell is partnering with Blue Jeans Go Green, an organization that repurposes denim to use it as housing insulation for those in need. Here’s a blurb from Madewell’s blog post about Blue Jeans Go Green that I thought was really descriptive and fascinating:

“Founded in 2006, Blue Jeans Go Green got its start working on projects in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. They sent denim insulation to Habitat for Humanity projects in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi. Fast forward to today and they continue to work with Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the U.S. to bring denim insulation to areas that need it most. It takes approximately 500 to 1,000 pairs of jeans to create enough insulation for one average U.S.-sized home (approximately 2,300 square feet). Lesson here? More is more, so bring ’em in.”

So great, right? Head into Madewell to trade in your jeans today! (And then buy a pair of these because I just did and they are perfect. Actually, I might need to go back for one more pair…)