The Yellow Conference


I’ve felt extremely productive today, partly in thanks to my cozy early morning coffee date with Kyla & Kristen and the gloomy June weather we’re experiencing in Dallas (which always makes me better at hunkering down and tackling my to do list compared to when it’s sunny and beautiful outside). After knocking some things off my list, I sought out some new places for inspiration, contemplating ideas that I could turn into reality in order to generate something new and exciting not only within the realm of my job but also in the world of my extracurricular creative pursuits. While reading a few blogs during my lunch break, I stumbled upon The Yellow Conference and was totally inspired by the concept:

The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living.

This conference was created for you. The women who know that they were built for a greater purpose. The earth shakers and ground movers. Come learn from like minded individuals who are out there making a difference, and learn how you too can do the same. Come to get inspired and leave with practical advice on how to make your dreams a reality as a woman living in today’s modern world.

Our desire is to help you live a life filled with passion, one you are proud of. To fight for goodness, fight for love, and spread it throughout the world. Come to discover more about yourself and how to use your uniqueness to live inspired and passionately throughout your days.

I mean, totally awesome, right? (Insert me slow clapping here.) I passed this on to some friends as well as to my boss/mentor, Pam – all of us are chomping at the bit to register for the conference. I know a few of the speakers (one is Darling Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Sarah Dubbeldam) and I would love the chance to get to meet new & inspiring people in one of my favorite places (Los Angeles, of course). Stay tuned – I’m hoping we can make something work…this is right up my alley!

Image via Design Loves Company


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