Back in the Rhythm


As I alluded to here, I’ve felt a bit out of my writing rhythm here on my sweet blog. While I really do believe that quality always trumps quantity, I feel ready to get back into a schedule of sorts, a regular posting plan that not only engages you, my lovely readers, but also inspires me and feeds my soul. I’ve always equated writing to exercising; if I get out of shape, out of stride, it’s harder to get back into the swing of things. My muscles atrophy and my endurance weakens. But once I establish a good, solid, rhythm, carving out a schedule for myself, I find my groove and realize that I’d been craving the consistency all along. I was rereading various posts on my previous blog, Through Painted Deserts, and it made me realize how much I love reflecting on all of my old pieces, allowing me to travel back in time to relive all kinds of experiences and memories. I want to recreate that same vibe here on this space. So on this Thursday evening in July, I’m committing to getting back into a writing rhythm; I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Image via House Doctor for sfgirlbybay


Quality Over Quantity

TOAST+++BOTANY+Pop-UpHappy Tuesday! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind around these parts, what with taking care of the most darling puppy, tackling daily to-do lists, and preparing for a whole lot of travel. Over the course of the next eight weeks, I’ll travel to Ghana, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles (twice!), meaning I’ll be away from home, on and off, for nearly one month (28 days, to be exact). I love traveling – it is so very life-giving – but I am also trying to soak up a lot of time at home with James, friends, and the pups so that I have lots of memories to carry with me while I’m gone.

I’ve tried to figure out what that looks like in terms of writing and blogging. Writing is such an outlet for me, but it does take time out of the extra minutes I have to spend with loved ones after work. Usually I am willing to make that sacrifice, but I do think that I’m in a season that demands that I pare back the extras in order to spend quality time with the loves in my life. So I’m working on remembering that that’s okay, and also remembering to value quality over quantity. During this hectic time, I may not crank out as many posts as I’d like, but if the quantity is substantial and important, then the post or piece is something I can be proud of – so that’s what I’m meditating on these days. Quality over quantity. Quality over quantity. Quality over quantity. It feels right.

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