Katy Perry Concert


In a few short hours, Kyla, Lauren, Kristen, and I will be dancing our booties off at the Katy Perry concert! Mom and I went to her California Dreams tour in Dallas in July of 2011 and she was an incredible live performer Рwe loved the show. I am so excited to see her in concert again!

An aside – if you haven’t checked out Part of Me, the documentary about Katy Perry¬†(which was filmed during the aforementioned California Girls tour that Mom and I attended), you absolutely must. It is so interesting and entertaining, and it reveals a lot about Katy’s true heart, which is so pure. She is a genuine and talented artist who loves her career but puts her people first. After I made James watch it with me, who is more of a rock fan than a Top 40 kind of guy, even he admitted that it was great. So if you can’t see Katy in concert, check her out on Netflix!

Image via Capital FM