Blogs are wonderful for so many reasons but the one that tops my list is that they are a great resource in helping me find creative, inspiring, and unique ways to furnish and outfit my house. Lately I’ve been drawn to Scandinavian-styled homes – lots of white walls with clean, minimalist pieces and accents in the form of pops of color and fresh, bright plants. My friend, Natalie, summed up how I feel just perfectly in her home tour on The Everygirl a few months ago:

I like working with a blank canvas of white walls and have been drawn to more neutral and minimalistic decor lately. I also appreciate what a statement piece of furniture, a colorful area rug, or thoughtfully placed houseplant can do for a space.

It’s like she read my mind! So naturally I fell in love the space that Naomi Stein designed as part of her self-proclaimed One Room Challenge: this gorgeous attic-turned-lounge. The space encompasses everything I gravitate towards – white walls, natural and neutral pieces, pops of color in thoughtfully curated nooks and crannies, and, of course, great plants. I would hang out there all day if I was Naomi, and I hope I can recreate a space like hers for myself one day (when I sent the link to James, he loved the transformation and said I’d definitely need to do it in the future, and also added that his dream space is a perfectly organized garage, outfitted with all sorts of tools and toys…to each his own). Take a gander at all of the gorgeous photos that Naomi posted on her blog – aren’t they fantastic?

Reclaimed-Wood-Wall-Built-In-Day-bed-Design-Manifest Design-Manifest-Lounge

Photos via Design Manifest & Courtney Apple