IMG_5080Each year I get so excited for April for a myriad of reasons – because it stays lighter longer, because it’s porch season in Dallas, and (now!) because it’s the month of our wedding anniversary. But maybe my favorite reason of all is because it’s bluebonnet season in Texas. These gorgeous blooms sprout up for one month each year and they cover miles and miles of territory in the Lone Star State, making them a natural choice for our state flower. Two years ago Kyla and I spent an afternoon traversing the Bluebonnet Trail in Ennis, a small town about 45 minutes outside of Dallas. We were itching to go again this year so we made a plan to head out there this afternoon, this time with a picnic and our puppies in tow! Zillions of photos to follow, I promise, but for now, enjoy some pictures from last time’s adventure (silly faux senior portraits included).

P.S. Remember this video that Laura made of us frolicking in a field of bluebonnets on our way home from Austin?

IMG_5077 IMG_5097 IMG_5104 IMG_5096 IMG_5084 IMG_5126 IMG_5131


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