Flower Crown


Exactly one year ago today James and I were got all gussied up to take our engagement photos with our stunning friend and talented wedding photographer, Heather Hawkins. I was so excited about what Heather had in store for us at the shoot, and, as I had anticipated, the evening turned out absolutely perfectly, as did the photos. Our shoot goes down in history as one of my most favorite memories with James (and with Heather!), and I love that we have gorgeous pictures to document that special night.

One of my favorite elements from the shoot was the flower crown that I wore, created by the talented floral designers at Bows + Arrows. It made me feel ethereal and beautiful, and I wished I could wear it every single day. Thanks to the way the flower crown made me feel during our engagement photo session, I decided to wear another floral crown during our wedding reception (this one crafted by the Nouveau Romantics), and I am so grateful that I did – once again, it felt like the most perfect accessory to wear to complement my overall look.

In case you were wondering, I will be taking advantage of every future opportunity that affords me the chance to wear another flower crown – don’t say I didn’t warn you. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite engagement photos from our shoot last October that showcase that gorgeous flower crown.

rachelandjamesEP110 rachelandjamesEP099 rachelandjamesEP053 rachelandjamesEP102 rachelandjamesEP002 rachelandjamesEP134 rachelandjamesEP081 rachelandjamesEP135



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