Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers


A few weekends ago, James and I went to see Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Winspear Opera House with Laura, Curtis, Korena, and Ian. I was so excited to see Steve Martin perform and, okay, I admit, I was hoping to hear some Father of the Bride-related anecdotes, too. I was also so happy to see another show at the Winspear, my favorite venue in Dallas. We’ve seen Bon Iver there (which was undoubtedly the best concert of all time – I just got emotional thinking about it) as well as a fun Modern Family panel and a theater performance of Peter & The Starcatcher. The acoustics are amazing and there is truly no bad seat in the house. Also, they serve cocktails in what I fondly refer to as adult sippy cups so you can enjoy your libations during the show, which I think is just brilliant.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers, even though I knew I would love the music, which is bluegrass. I was absolutely blown away by the group’s musicianship from the moment they started playing. It was other-wordly. Edie Brickell joined the crew for several songs, and her voice is incredible, compounding the already gorgeous sound with her swoon-worthy vocals. Steve Martin had a stream of hilarious commentary that he peppered throughout the set, which kept the entire audience in stitches. The Steep Canyon Rangers are amazing in their own right (they won multiple Grammy Awards even before combining forces with Steve Martin) and they got to play some songs on their own, which were majestic. Their harmonies may or may not have brought a tear to my eye.

Just when I thought the whole experience couldn’t get any more magical, Steve (we’re on a first name basis now, he and I) casually mentioned that his friend, Paul, was going to come out and join them all for a few numbers. What he meant was that the legendary crooner (and Edie’s husband!), PAUL SIMON, was entering the stage to blow our minds all over again. The collaboration was absolutely perfect, the cherry on top to an already unforgettable evening.

If Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers are ever in your neck of the woods, please buy a ticket to go see them – you will absolutely love the show. I would go see them again in a heartbeat. And you never know, Paul might even decide to show up, too.

Image via American Songwriter


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